Exterior Paint in San Antonio

When it comes to your home, it is important to that your design is functional, beautiful, and long-lasting. One important piece of your home’s design that can help you accomplish these things is your choice of exterior paint. High-quality exterior paint is important not only gives your home a polished and beautiful look, but it can provide durable protection from the unpredictable outdoor elements. Our team at San Antonio Paints is a proud retailer of the full line of elite Benjamin Moore exterior paints that can transform the outside of your home. We are a local, family-owned company, and our team cannot wait to help you make your house stand out among the others in your neighborhood. Design the home of your dreams from the outside in with San Antonio Paints and Benjamin Moore.

The Right Interior Paint for Your Walls

At San Antonio Paints, we carry all six distinct formulas of Benjamin Moore exterior paint. All of these paints come in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect combination for your exterior paint project.

Aura® Exterior Paint

If you are looking for high-quality paint that provides beautiful color and durability for your home in one coat, look no further than the Bejnamin Moore Aura® Exterior Paint. One coat of Aura® Exterior Paint is comparable to two coats of other brands, and it offers superior hide to save you time and money on the job. Formulated with Color Lock® Technology, this paint maintains its color even in harsh weather conditions. This paint also applies easily and can be applied to low temperature surfaces to extend your painting season. The Benjamin Moore Aura® Exterior paint will give your house a beautiful and long-lasting color.

Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Aura® Exterior Paint, exterior house colors, near San Antonio, Texas (TX)
Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Aura® Grand Entrance, exterior house colors, near San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Aura® Grand Entrance

Your front door is one of the first things people will notice about your home, and you want to make sure it looks welcoming and beautiful. The Benjamin Moore Aura® Grand Entrance Exterior Paint delivers rich, vivid paint colors to all doors and trim located on the exterior of your home. Whether you are looking for a soft neutral or a pop or brightness, this paint will offer lustrous and long-lasting color thanks to the Gennex® Color Technology that works to retain color and gloss. This paint formula was inspired by European door and trim enamel and will give your doors and trim a look of luxury.

Regal® Select Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore Regal® Select Exterior paint is the perfect paint for you if you expect that one or more surfaces your painting project will prove difficult to coat. Not only is this paint formulated with Gennex® Color Technology to hold color and resist fading, cracking and peeling, it also includes alkyd technology that provides superior adhesions on any surface, including trim or PVC pipe. The finish of this paint is only mildew-resistant and durable and will take the stress out of your tricky surfaces. This paint can also be applied in low temperatures to extend your painting season and has superior flow and leveling.

Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Regal® Select Exterior Paint, exterior house colors, near San Antonio, Texas (TX)
Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Regal® Select Exterior High Build Paint, near San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Regal® Select Exterior High Build Paint

Similar to the Regal® Select Exterior Paint, the Regal® Select Exterior High Build Paint is mildew-resistant, can be applied in low temperatures and has excellent flow and leveling. What sets this paint apart is its enhanced ability to protect against harsh weather conditions, including wind and rain. The formula is sag-resistant and allows for a thicker coating across many materials including wood, masonry, PVC and more. The formula is also high-build and can bridge small cracks and imperfections while also having a breathable film to let moisture escape.

ben® Exterior paint

If you are looking for a user-friendly paint with easy and convenient application, then Benjamin Moore’s ben® Exterior Paint is perfect for you. This paint has 100% acrylic resin with excellent adhesion to avoid cracking or peeling while also providing great coverage and color retention. In addition to the fact that this paint can be applied in cooler weather, it can even resist rain as soon as 90 minutes after it has been applied! Combatting these two weather factors truly lengthens your painting season and gives you ample flexibility in the timing of your projects.

Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore ben® Exterior Paint, exterior house colors, near San Antonio, Texas (TX)
Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Coronado® Rust Scat®, exterior house colors, near San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Coronado® Rust Scat®

If you need to protect your home’s surfaces from rust, look no further than the Benjamin Moore Coronado® Rust Scat. This line of Polyurethane Enamels applies easily, provide durability and strong adhesion, and cure to a variety of attractive finishes. This line can be applied to bare surfaces or over already painted surfaces to give an added layer of protection from the elements.

Exterior Paint Finishes

Benjamin Moore exterior paints not only come in a variety of colors, but they also come in a variety of finishes so you can select the paint, color, and finish that fits your design goals.

  • High-Gloss: High gloss paints are recommended for doors and other architectural details. They provide a mirror-like finish and are extremely durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean.
  • Soft/Semi-Gloss: Soft or semi-gloss exterior paints are recommended for detail work, trim, shutters and doors. They give a luminous look and highlight architectural details of the home.
  • Satin: Satin paint has a medium level of gloss while offering stain resistance and durability. Satin paint is recommended for siding, trim, shutters, and doors.
  • Low Lustre: Low Lustre paint is easy to clean and is nearly shine free. This finish of paint is recommended for siding or trim.
  • Flat: Flat paint is versatile and can be used for a variety of projects. Flat paints will not reflect light or have a sheen. This allows more pigment to come through, provides hide, and is more forgiving of flaws.

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Whether you are painting your front door or your whole house needs a fresh coat of paint, our talented team at San Antonio Paints wants to help you design the home of your dreams from the outside in. San Antonio Paints is a full-service Benjamin Moore paint retailer and we also sell paint supplies for a variety of paint jobs. Contact us today to discuss how our products can help you design a home you love. We proudly serve San Antonio, Cross Mountain, Fair Oaks Ranch, Bulverde, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Schertz, Randolph Airforce Base, Hollywood Park, Hill County Village, Timberwood Park, Leo Springs, Shavano Park, and Longhorn, Texas.