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Have you ever watched those home remodeling shows and thought “How do they do it”? Designers seem to know exactly the right color to use to ensure they work perfectly with the aesthetic of the room, fitting the ideal vibe for a certain space. With top-tier Benjamin Moore paint products, high quality supplies, interior decoration products and delivery, San Antonio Paints is the go-to for bringing your house to life with color.

Our color consultants match you with premium Benjamin Moore paints and sundries to fit your needs regardless of the project — whether it is decks, cabinets, bath and spa (for those high moisture areas) or anything in between. Benjamin Moore provides water-based products with water-based colorants that last longer and cover better than glycol or oil-based alternatives, making sure your home re-fresh will bring joy for years to come!

Come in today and use the coupon below to receive $5 off any Ben, Regal, or Aura Paints!